Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring break was lots of fun!! We decided to visit friends and family this year!

We first went to Austin to visit our friends Heath, Adrienne and Matt. They had purchased a new house. It is a very cute three bedroom, two and a half baths!! We stayed there from Friday til Tuesday! We had lots of fun playing Super Mario Bros Wii and doing different things around Austin! They also managed to get me hooked on a couple of the games on facebook. (evil) We went to downtown Austin and ate at a burger place. It was pretty good! While down there we saw a large burnt orange and white long horn. It was very interesting! I also decided to get a haircut at a random point while being there. Being a good sport Adrienne also decided to get one. It is difficult for me to get a haircut, because I never know what I want and feel bad for the person cutting my hair!! It turned out pretty good and I am finally getting used to it! Thanks Heath and Adge for a fun time!

On Tuesday night we drove to Fort Worth to visit more friends and family! While there we spent time with our nieces and nephew. We had lots of fun hanging out with Jeni, Tim, Josh and Whit. We played lots of games and watched movies. Joey also got the chance to play guitar with his buddies!! I had a fun girls night with Jeni and one of her friends! We also were able to spend some time with Joey's dad and Rebecca. We had mots of fun visiting everyone!!

Thanks to everyone we stayed with!! It is nice having time off of work to travel and have fun with friends and family!

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  1. We had fun too! Now we need to plan a visit to Houston. Come back soon!